Lady Moonfire

Leader of the town of Loudwater.


Lady Moonfire inherited her position as Loudwater’s leader, succeeding her father, Lord Ewen nearly ten years ago. The Hithmoor family was integral to the reconstruction of Loudwater after its near destruction during the [[Spellplague]]. Mostly human, elves, and half elves, the Hithmoor family formed a loose band of generational adventurers, carving a place of civilization out of the sudden darkness of the Gray Vale.

Aloof and haughty, Lady Moonfire is more interested in finding adventure than she is the day to day business of running a town. She has hired several assistants to take care of the mundane paperwork involved in collecting taxes, maintaining a town census, and providing services. Despite her distance from administrative duties, Lady Moonfire is seen as an effective and active leader to the people of Loudwater. She frequently roams the streets with her enterage, drinks at the [[Green Tankard]], and hosts festive balls at her manor (for those on the guest list). In fact, her balls are rumored to be the biggest in the vale, and they are always trimmed in fancy lace.

Most recently, Lady Moonfire accompanied a party of adventurers into the [[South Wood]] to defeat a band of goblins in their lair. She returned to Loudwater with some examples of ancient dwarven stonecraft (found broken in the lair) and tales of great heroism. The forest fire that followed the party’s victory is included only in minor detail.

Lady Moonfire

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