A "wizard's" wizard, Curovar has mostly retired from adventuring.


Curovar would stand out in a room of wizards, with his pointy hat, long beard, and his staff capped by a fossilized raven skull. He is middle-aged, with brown hair streaked with gray. His robes are travel-worn and his hat his dented and stained with years of abuse.

Though he keeps the details of his adventuring life to himself, he is known to have tricked goblins out of their valuables, sent ogres fleeing into the hills, and visited the Fey Court on at least one occasion. His old adventuring group, the Morning Stars, traveled between the Moonsea and the Sword Coast saving travelers and plunging deep into ancient dungeons. All of the Morning Stars are either dead or retired, but Curovar will give either status to anyone asked about, depending on the day.

Curovar, himself, spends his time drinking and smoking at the Green Tankard in Loudwater, or overseeing his magic curio shop, The Smoking Toad, in the nearby town of Llorkh. The Smoking Toad is usually run by Curovar’s would-be apprentice, a young man named Shiff, who one day hopes to learn real magic.


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