Grayflow River

Flowing from the Graypeak Mountains to the east, the Grayflow river cuts through the Gray Vale and continues west towards the port city of Daggerford on the Sword Coast. Nearer the Graypeak Mountains, the river twists and turns and is full of strong rapids that make travel difficult. The river passes just north of the town of Llorkh, where the people ship mineral and ore further west. As the Grayflow reaches the southern border of the High Forest, it is joined by the Delimbiyr River, which widens and deepens the Grayflow and makes it suitable for greater trade and travel. Just downriver of this conjunction is the town of Loudwater, where locals ship grain, lumber, and animal goods west to the Sword Coast.

In recent months, a group of bandits stretched a tremendous chain across the river, two days west of Loudwater. This chain forced boat merchants to stop their barges and allow the bandits to board and plunder. Thankfully, a party of adventures recently confronted the bandits, slaying the ogre that hefted the chain, and killing the wizard leader and his black dragon wyrmling.

With the chain removed, the Grayflow now teems with mechant traffic. One does not have to wait long before spotting a halfling barge carvan drifting west towards Daggerford, a single merchant boat oaring upriver from the Sword Coast, or an elven merchant drifting south from Laurar on the Delimbiyr.

At nearly 200 feet across, and two-to-three fathoms deep, the Grayflow is a formidable barrier that separates north and south Gray Vale. With no bridges surviving the Spellplague, crossing is only possible by ferry or by braving the swift currents with a swim.

Grayflow River

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