The best smelling town in the Gray Vale…

Home to just over 2,000 residents, Loudwater is the largest and most important town in the Gray Vale. It rests on the southern bank of the Grayflow River, just downstream from where the Grayflow and the Delimbiyr River converge. The convergence of the two rivers makes for a series of noisy rapids that gives Loudwater its name. A skillful boater, however, can navigate the rapids and pull their barge east towards the town of Llorkh or north to the region of Laurar (also known as the Silver Marches).

Too the east and west of Loudwater are miles of small farms, bringing the local population up to about 3,000 citizens. These farms grow grain of various types, as well as vegetables, pipe weed, and even some cold-hardy fruit. Most of the farms also act as small ranches, and towards the end of every summer, a livestock market is held just to the south of Loudwater.

Meat, grain, lumber (from the near by Southwood ), and small craft goods are all traded daily at the Loudwater docks. Merchant barges come and go, either headed more inland, or west towards the Sword Coast and the city of Daggerford.

Loudwater was a much larger city than it is today, but effects of the Spellplague on the surrounding area severely depleted resources, and destroyed some of the city. A quarter mile in every direction, ruins and rubble show the border of the old city. The new city sits inside the old, inner wall, though the sewers run beneath the old walls and extend into the wilderness beyond.

The current leader of Loudwater is the Lady Moonfire, a half-elf descended from a line of adventurers who rebuild Loudwater after the Spellplague. The is a kind and fair leader, but is more interested in adventuring than being a bureaucrat. She routinely hosts costumed balls for the Loudwater elite (all 3 dozen of them) and leaves the daily operations of running a town to a host of aides.

Sites of note within Loudwater include the docks, a curiosity shop, and the Green Tankard Tavern.


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